Japan Hotel Appraisal Co., Ltd.
Tourism Quality Certification Division

CEO: Takeshi Kitamura
Address: 100-0011
Room 515, 5th Floor, Imperial Hotel Main Building, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3580-2341

Representative Biography

◎ CEO, Japan Hotel Appraisal Co., Ltd.
◎ CEO, Sakura Quality Management Co., Ltd. ◎ Full-time Real Estate Appraiser
◎ Real Estate Appraiser (Japan) ◎ MAI (US Real Estate Appraiser)
◎ CRE (US Real Estate Counselor)
◎ FRICS (Fellow of the Royal Chartered Surveyors Society, UK)
◎ D. in System Design Management, Keio University, Japan

Year 2000
Joined Tanizawa Sogo Appraisal Co,Ltd., a real estate appraisal company. The following year, he was transferred to T-MAX Co., Ltd. as a founding member of the real estate due diligence company, and later transferred to the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan, where he was in charge of due diligence for retail real estate and other commercial real estate.
Year 2006
Ltd., a real estate appraisal company specializing in hotels and inns, established by Tanizawa Sogo Appraisal and Ken Real Estate Investment Advisors Co.
Year 2011
Ltd. and became the president and director of the company, and began research on hotel and inn rating standards and quality certification standards.
Year 2013
Appointed as a member of the “Basic Survey on the Review of the Organization and System of National Institutions for Youth Education” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Year 2014
(The agreement was subsequently terminated, and the hotel and inn rating standards were developed and the 2,100 inspection survey standards were put into operation. Ltd. in Singapore to provide hotel rating services (halal consulting, etc.) for Muslim travelers. As an external senior advisor to the Japan Organization for Regional Economic Revitalization, Inc.
Year 2015
Concluded a strategic alliance agreement with HVS Hong Kong, the world’s leading hotel evaluation company, HVS of the United States. Established JHA Research Institute and JHA International Research Office within Japan Hotel Appraisal Co.
Year 2016
Appointed as “Tourism Ambassador of Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture” (until the end of January, 2019), and appointed as the general director of “General Incorporated Association for Certification of Tourism Quality” (supports quality certification of 13 tourism areas in Japan based on the “Tourism Area Development Law” and “SAKURA QUALITY”)
Year 2017
Lecturer at Otsuma Women’s University’s Airline Personnel Training Program, Executive Director of the Lodging Facilities Association of Japan, Inc.
Year 2018
Obtained a patent (Patent No. 6438164) for accommodation evaluation, systemization of the same, and performance organization by category.
Year 2019
Appointed as a member of the Accommodation Review Committee of the “National Cancer Center”.
Year 2020
Appointed as Representative Director of Japan Hotel Appraisal Co., Ltd.; became advisor for “MICE Kyoto Model in With Corona Society”; published “Sakura Quality Safety Code of Conduct” and started providing education and training program for emergency response; became evaluation committee member for subsidy for promoting location of luxury hotels in Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City on December 25. Appointed as a consultant for the improvement of the environment for accommodating wealthy people who are relocating to Sapporo.
Year 2021
Appointed as Executive Director of TAP’s Hospitality Service Engineering Institute.
2022: On March 24, received standard approval from the U.S. GSTC for the SDGs certification criteria for lodging facilities developed by the U.S. GSTC. Appointed as a member of the review committee for the Japan Tourism Agency’s “Demonstration Study to Promote the Provision of Travel Services Centered on the Lodging Industry through the Introduction of New Business Methods.
Books and other publications
Ryokan and Tourist Hotel Business Characteristics and Value Judgment Methodology Research” (2014, co-author, Sogo Unicom) ” Market Analysis and Evaluation of Commercial Real Estate” (2015, Tanizawa Sogo Appraisal Co., Ltd., editor, Seibunsha)
“Hotel Dynamics: New Hotel Dynamics to Keep in Mind in the Age of Personal Consumption” (2016, Ohta Publications Co.,Ltd.)
Business [Practical Documentation of Rent Calculation]” (2016, Sogo Unicom, new edition to be published in 2022)
“Quality of Accommodation Facilities” (2018, Ohta Publications Co.,Ltd.)
“Real Estate Appraisal” (2021-2022, 18 installments, Jutaku-Shimpo-Sha)

Originated in New Zealand

  1. Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) is considering the introduction of a quality certification system covering the entire tourism industry in order to strengthen the brand power of the tourism industry based on the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2010, which was developed in 2001.
  2. TNZ established Qualmark New Zealand Limited (owned 60% by the government and 40% by the Automobile Association of New Zealand) in 2001 to carry on the quality certification system called Qualmark, which has been implemented by the New Zealand Automobile Association since 1993 based on its own standards.
  3. As of July 31, 2013, there were 2,057 registered businesses.

2009: Developed and published Japan’s own “Tourism Quality Standards” modeled after the Qualmark at the Institute of Socio-Economic Research in the Chubu Region.

  1. The institute’s mission is to contribute to innovation through comprehensive and neutral research on the Greater Central region and involvement in leading projects.
  2. Demonstration study applied to 7 facilities in Takayama and Iseshima in 2010. (undisclosed)
  3. Applied in 2011 in the snow tourism area. Introduced as a mandatory item to improve the environment for foreign residents to travel safely.
  4. Subsequently, the “Japanese Ryokan Edition” was revised, and the “Hotel Edition” and “Guest House and Pension Edition” were developed, and improvements continued.

2016 SAKURA QUALITY brand transferred to Japan Tourism Quality Certification Association

  1. The brand was transferred to a more established and viable company. At the same time, the company began reviewing its quality standards.

April 2018 Announced the new SAKURA QUALITY and started joint projects with tourism regions across Japan